How do I get a mortgage when I am self-employed or a contractor?

When you are self-employed your set of circumstances are unique to your situation. We appreciate that this can make life more difficult when applying for a mortgage. Fear not, at Heritable we love a complex case.

If you chat to Heritable about getting your mortgage when you are self-employed or a contractor what can you expect?  

In short; we will look at your circumstances and request details of your company accounts or recent contracting history in order to give you an idea of how much you can borrow, who will lend to you and what you will need to provide in order to obtain a mortgage.   Read on for more information.  

How Much?

Firstly, we would chat through your circumstances to identify affordability (how much you could afford to borrow) based on your company accounts/ earnings.

It’s commonly thought that you have to have three years’ worth of accounts to be able to get a mortgage, however there are lenders out there who will take a view if you have less that that. 

Similarly there is a perception that you need to have a consistent contracting history for a minimum of 12 – 24 months but increasingly lenders are looking at this in more detail and are prepared to look at a shorter time frame.


Heritable are a whole of market mortgage advisor with a great track record of identifying the right lender for the client.  From the outset we would be confident of identifying the best lender for your particular set of individual circumstances and ensure that you get the best rate in the market that works best for your requirements.


With a detailed knowledge of what lenders will request for an application we will advise you on what documents you will need to obtain to ensure the application runs as smoothly as possible.  

If you are a contractor or self-employed and you would like to discuss your situation please get in touch for a free, no obligation discussion.  For more information please see the mortgage page on our website for more details.

Remember at Heritable we love complex cases.

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